Time plus one third proposed for Sunday hotel workers

The Minister for Labour Affairs Dara Calleary has welcomed the adoption of proposals by the Hotels Joint Labour Committee that will bring Sunday premium payments for workers in the hotel sector outside Dublin and Cork into line with the new rates recently agreed for catering establishments throughout the country. Under the proposals, the existing entitlement to payment of double time for Sunday work will be replaced by a rate of time plus one third.

Minister Calleary said: “Coming as they do quite soon after similar moves on the Sunday premium issue by the two JLCs in the catering sector, these latest proposals demonstrate the responsiveness of both employers and the trade unions to the current difficulties being experienced by the hospitality sector. They show a real willingness to find practical solutions that will help to maintain employment on the basis of agreement among those directly involved.”

The Minister added: “I believe that the recent experience in a number of sectors has demonstrated how a constructive engagement by the employer and trade union representatives directly involved in the Joint Labour Committee mechanism can help to promote a shared response to current problems affecting the viability of services and the sustainability of employment in vulnerable sectors.”



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