Westport Arts Festival gears up for action

The behind the scenes co-ordination of the Westport Arts Festival is continuing this summer. The festival is due to take place in the autumn from the October 2 to 1, and positioned to plug the long gap between the August and October bank holiday weekends.

A number of performers have already been confirmed. Westport Arts Festival hosts a wide variety of different acts including, local, national and international artists. This year, two of the top acts include Irish band, the Republic of Loose, and international Tibetan soloist, Yungchen Llamo.

The festival is excited to welcome the Republic of Loose, whose music fuses soul, funk, rock and hip-hop. On an international level, Yungchen Llamo, renowned soprano from Tibet reflects Westport Arts Festival’s continuing relationship with world music. She is due to perform in the Holy Trinity Church, presenting a delicious concoction of Asian sounds.

A wide range of other events have been confirmed. The blue-grass community will be represented well by the Carrivick sisters, whose multi-instrumental grain and harmonies serve as a melting pot of folk texture. The festival is also honoured to welcome acclaimed classical virtuoso guitarist Redmond O’Toole, who brings out an orchestra of sounds from a single instrument. He plays an eight-string Brahms guitar in an upright cello-like position, which is connected to a special resonating box.


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