Recession fashion

Rita Mylett, a personal styling and image consultant and Network Mayo’s Business Woman of the Year, offers Mayo Advertiser readers some fashion tips ( ).

Now it's more important than ever to project a pulled-together look at work! It's easy to become so focused on your tasks at hand, that you forget that your appearance is key to the impression you create

Fortunately, there are five simple tips to help you in these challenging times:

Keep it clean

Don't underestimate the importance of spotless, well-tailored, ideally fitting pieces; from shirts, to skirts, to trouser suits. Match your wardrobe to your environment. ( I don't recommend wearing a suit with heels to an office full of jeans. ) Take the extra 10 minutes, however, to iron your outfit before you run out the door, sew on missing buttons, and communicate the sense that you take a buttoned-up and attention-to-detail approach to everything you do.

Avoid extreme fashion

Lose the precarious pumps and plunging necklines and find some signature outfits that signify competence.

Choose classic hair and simple make-up

Find a style that complements your body-type and face. Develop a beauty routine that's fast and flawless. Don't take off for the office without it.

Don't squelch your personality

One of the reasons that you have progressed so far is that people like to be around you. Whether it's your love for bright statement colours, or passion for artistic jewellery, be sure to incorporate what makes you unique. A signature hue or interesting bracelet can enhance your image. Just be sure to incorporate your personal flair in a way that's right for your job.

Ditch the tatty work tote

Keep your laptop safe, your papers perfectly organised, and your mobile right at hand with a sophisticated workbag. Focus on accessories that both help you perform at your best and exude an appealing air of ease and success.

You may be surprised to discover just how inspiring your image-enhancing efforts may become, even to yourself. There's nothing like looking the part to position you to perform at your best, and get the recognition your performance deserves.



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