Operation Alteration @ Castle Leisure Club

It’s week six and Operation Alteration is all over for another session and what a programme it’s been. There have been highs - weeks with food diaries looking very healthy and participation at classes and the gym at 100 per cent, and lows - a week where a sore back meant my exclusion from the programme. But over all it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

And to my delight and surprise I’ve even had some positive results. Five pounds lighter and a inch and a half lost off my waist, I couldn’t be happier. I can promise you I won’t be saying prayers to St Anthony to find those missing pounds. I wonder is there a patron Saint I can pray to to take some more pounds away and maybe some body fat which I continue to struggle to reduce.

It has to be said exercise is the only tonic to pick you up after a hard day or give you energy when you’re feeling lack lustre. Combine this with a group of like minded women and the ever smiling, all singing, all dancing crew at Castle Leisure Club, it has been a memorable few weeks.

I have to say I was extremely sad on Wednesday when I called in for my final weight in because I know this will be my last Operation Alteration programme. I feel I have got as much as I can gain from this particular programme and now it’s time for me to join the gym as a full member where I can continue with some of my favourite classes.

I’ve done three programmes in a row and it’s been one of the best fitness courses I’ve ever done due to the diversity of classes. From circuits to spinning, aerobics to aqua fit, kick boxing to cardio funk, we’ve done it all. And the ladies who remained committed to the course from start to finish are definitely reaping the rewards now.

I have to say a huge thank you to Neville, Nicola, Caroline and Vanessa who have been a massive inspiration and support to us over the six weeks. And not to forget Mark who put us through our paces in the aerobics studio once or twice and contributed some healthy menu options to our nutrition packs.

If there is any reader out there who would like to kick start a fitness regime in a bid to drop a dress size or learn about healthier eating habits or simply to get out of the house and meet new people, then Operation Alteration can tick all those boxes.

It is an extremely well designed course, administered in a casual and friendly atmosphere, where nobody feels left out or left behind. You work to your own ability, that’s the key and with people who have varying degrees of fitness on the programme you don’t have to be an Olympic runner to fit in.

So that’s where I must leave you, five pounds lighter and with a great sense of achievement. It’s off to the rugby pitch for me for the summer to play some tag rugby and hopefully not do any permanent or lasting damage.

So long.



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