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Leeson Enterprise Centre Feature

In addition to hosting full-time tenants, Leeson Enterprise Centre is also a hub that offers short-term rental of offices, hot desks and meeting space to businesses and entrepreneurs. One such self-starter is 31-year-old artist Maitiu Quinn - who has been making a name for himself for his unique and lovely card design business.

Born in Dublin but living outside Westport since he was 10 years of age, Maitiu launched his third collection of Mait’s Cards: The Lockdown Collection 2020 - to great success - and more recently relaunched his fourth collection “The Reboot Collection” in November 2021.

Maitiú looks at the world in a unique and deeply felt way. He connects with people and with the world around him through this lens. This is what his art means to him and what it means to those who see it and read his words. He constantly seeks to learn and try new things although he doesn’t find change easy.

His drive to be himself and to re-create himself in the world is immense. To achieve this ambition, like everyone else in the world, he needs some support. One of the many groups to which Maitiú belongs because they share some characteristics, is the family of those with intellectual disability (ID ), specifically Down Syndrome (DS ).

Maitiú has always been inspired by others who helped enable him to follow his own star. He’s been especially inspired by his sister and brother.

Clan Beo in Westport shed a spotlight on possibilities and Mait and his family paid attention. Hence he is a graduate in Performing Arts with Blue Teapot Theatre Company, a graduate in Art from Westport College of Further Education, a member of Arts Alive in Galway and of course has his own Mait’s Cards Business based in Westport, an enterprise supported by his friends Des and Nuala.

Website Testimonials

Maitiu's cards are already winning high praise from satisfied customers, some of whom share their words of high praise in testimonials on his website, as follows:

"Maitiu's cards are beautiful. I've bought them each year and his work is thought provoking and engaging with colour, shapes and layers to draw you in and see where they take you."

"There was such joy and beauty in each one, a true artist's work. In purchasing them, you will be holding and sharing treasure. Thank you Mait. Just beautiful."

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