Women’s Health Conference - Reaching for Equality

Senator Lisa Chambers

Senator Lisa Chambers

Fianna Fáil Senator Lisa Chambers is hosting a conference on women’s health issues in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, on April 28 from 10am to 2.30pm.

There will be four panels with a discussion on menstrual health and the menopause. A discussion on fertility, IVF and miscarriage. A discussion on eating disorders and body image, with the last panel being a discussion around the future of women’s healthcare in Ireland.

The speakers consist of high profile names like Rosanna Davison, Norah Casey, Dr Rhona Mahony, Ciara Phelan, Dr Ciara Kelly, Stefanie Preissner, Alison O Connor, Mayo Ladies Doctor, Dr Lisa Cunningham and many more.

Senator Chambers has spent the past six months meeting with advocacy groups with an interest in women’s health. She has met with The Irish Cancer Association, Women’s Aid, Pavee Point, The Irish Disability Federation, Safe Ireland, The Endometriosis Association of Ireland, Age Action, Bodywhys to name but a few.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Senator Chambers said: “Since entering politics I have had a keen interest in the area of women’s health, it is a priority for me to address the inequalities experienced by women in our health service.

“There are currently over 30,000 women in Ireland waiting for a gynaecology appointment, that in my view is completely unacceptable and is not reflective of what a modern society should look like.

“We launched a survey on women’s health last month, asking the women of Ireland what their experience of our health system was; one of the responses that kept coming back was that women felt they were ignored, not listened to and gaslighted into thinking their pain/illness was all in their head.

“We have a major problem in this country in how we deal with and address woman’s health issues.

“We want to have an honest and open conversation around the needs of women. By bringing together practitioners, advocates and women with lived experience on the issues, this event will platform key health issues affecting women throughout their life course.”

All are welcome to attend the event. You can register for a free ticket at eventbrite.ie and the conference will be live streamed across all Fianna Fáil social media channels including their website.


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