Jobs forum urgently required for Mayo

A jobs initiative involving local authorities, chambers of commerce, and all interested groups across Mayo has been called for by the Fine Gael spokesperson on community, rural, and Gaeltacht affairs, Deputy Michael Ring. The forum, he said, was necessary because of the failure of the IDA in delivering jobs to the region.

Dep Ring explained: “I am suggesting we get all the local authorities, the chambers of commerce and all interested groups together to try and set up a jobs forum for the county. Their brief would be to look at ways of creating jobs. There is no longer any point in looking to the IDA or such State bodies as they simply did not provide employment or jobs for Mayo when we had good economic times.”

Dep Ring continued: “They certainly will not be willing to help now that we are in difficult economic times. We have to look at ways to try and encourage businesses out there at the present time. We have to see what can be done to try and minimise the impact of the tough economic times. Businesses need to be encouraged and supported rather than being lumbered with stealth taxes which takes money away from businesses. The level of expertise within the community together with the support of local authorities could help foster a better jobs creation structure than has been in place in the past,” concluded Dep Ring.


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