Mayo’s businesses encouraged to go green with new programme

Elaine Moyles from Mayo LEO.

Elaine Moyles from Mayo LEO.

Mayo’s small businesses are being encouraged to become more sustainable this year following the launch of a new programme to 'green your business' this week by the Local Enterprise Offices as part of Local Enterprise Week.

The Green for Micro programme is an initiative from the Local Enterprise Offices, with support from Enterprise Ireland, being rolled out nationwide to help prepare small businesses for the low carbon, more resource-efficient economy of the future. It is now available to businesses across Mayo via the Local Enterprise Office.

With the help of a green consultant, small businesses with up to ten employees can get free advice and technical support on resource efficiency, how to better understand their carbon footprint and how to implement an environmental management system to reduce costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Elaine Moyles, A/Head of Enterprise with Local Enterprise Office Mayo, said: "The new programme is an opportunity for small companies to change the way they do business and to benefit significantly from those changes.

"Companies becoming more sustainable is very much the future of how we will do business and if businesses can make those changes now, then they will see the benefits down the road.

"It is becoming more and more prominent within business that companies want to work with companies that have sustainability at the core of what they do and that is the same with customers. This new programme will put companies on the right track and, in many cases, will significantly improve their bottom line, so green for business is definitely good for business."

To find out more about the new Green for Micro programme contact your Local Enterprise Office or go to for more information and to apply.


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