More Garda resources and task force needed for east Mayo

Cllr Gerry Murray

Cllr Gerry Murray

Sinn Féin Councillor Gerry Murray has called for the restoration of the former Swinford Garda District area.

In a statement, Cllr Murray said that 'it is abundantly clear that there is a serious policing deficit in East Mayo and that the revised Garda districts and structures are not delivering the level of policing that is necessary to keep our communities save and secure'.

Cllr Murray added: "It is totally unacceptable that this situation should be allowed to continue. There is a marked rise in anti-social behaviour and crime in our East Mayo towns since the abolition of the Swinford Garda District. Those engaging in those activities are fully aware of the current policing deficit and are taking full advantage of it.

"The issue is further compounded by the Gardaí having to deal with issues that should be the remit of our Mental Health and Social services, but due to chronic underfunding in those sectors, the Gardaí find themselves dealing with serious social issues.

"The fact is that the Gardaí lack the professional expertise and qualifications to deal with such matters, it is estimated that 25 per cent of cases that come before the courts are matters that should have been dealt with at HSE level via its various social agencies.

"I am calling on the Government to deploy more Garda resources to East Mayo and to immediately restore the Swinford Garda station to its former status as a District HQ.

"As Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are now in Government, they must follow through on their previous commitments. I would also propose the setting up of a local task force to deal with the ongoing situations in East Mayo that are of concern to local communities.

"This task force would consist of the Gardaí, local government officials, councillors, various HSE and statutory agencies. Its function would be to work collectively to deal with issues of common concern and to deploy the necessary resources and strategies to resolve them", said Cllr Murray.


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