The only group of people that can make sure Mayo does not slip backwards, are Mayo people - Dillon  

Deputy Alan Dillon

Deputy Alan Dillon

Mayo Fine Gael TD Alan Dillon has asked Mayo people to exercise extreme caution to help in the fight of Covid-19. It comes after seen Dublin enter phase three of the government’s plan last week, putting the capital on effective lockdown.

Dillon said: "All Mayo people must do everything we can to help prevent our county slipping backwards.

"The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET ) has again raised concerns about Dublin, Donegal, Louth, Waterford and other counties with worrying rates.

"We must continue to break chains of transmission over the next seven days. We are not powerless in dictating the course of this disease and must listen to what we are being told and adhere to the following public health advise: (1 ) Wash your hands regularly, (2 ) Take a step back and keep your distance, (3 ) Assume you or those you meet may be infectious and act accordingly, (4 ) Wear a face covering, (5 ) Avoid crowds, (6 ) Download the Covidtracker app, (7 ) Do not go to work if you have any concerning symptoms - isolate and phone your GP and (8 ) Encourage one another. 

"One additional ask from NPHET for everyone (regardless of where you live ) is try to meet half as many people this week as you did last week".

The Mayo TD warned the virus is still spreading among all age groups and social backgrounds.

Deputy Dillon said: "The number of hospitalisations is increasing and if we don’t listen to advice our system will not be able to look after those that need help. We are at a very important cross road. The only group of people that can make sure Mayo does not slip backwards, are Mayo people,”

"I am especially appealing to the people of Mayo to follow the NPHET advice in the time ahead. We can reduce the levels of infection once again but we can only do it by working together."


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