Complete 30km in 30 Days for Down Syndrome Mayo

Mayo Down Syndrom is inviting you to walk, cycle, run, skip or jump 30km in 30days for the month of September in order to raise funds for Down Syndrome Mayo. As a charity, they need as much support from our communities as possible.

Every September for the last decade or more our main fundraiser was the Church Gate Collection across the county of Mayo for our members and their families. Which was always a fantastic success no matter what the weather people came out to offer their time to help us fundraise. The money raised was used for our members and to support the families. Due to Covid 19 we cannot take part in the Church Gate Collection under the new guidelines. So we are asking the public if they would like to take part in our Stroll, Walk, Run 30km in the 30 days of September and donate to any amount they can afford on our idonate page.

As we are now in uncertain times it is crucial that we move as many of these services and activities online to have some normality and to keep our members as independent as possible throughout these unusual months or years ahead. Some of our members have been cocooning as they have underlying health conditions and parents and families need to be extra careful. Services such as Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Personal Assistants and other services have been reduced or cut due to Covid 19. Please support our charity in any small way you can, every little helps and is greatly appreciated.

30 kms in 30 days

This is some of the services we provided to our members and their families prior to Covid 19;

Adult Group

- Cookery Classes

- Drama and theatre productions

- Keep fit

- Drumming

- Social events Summer and Christmas parties.

- Support to families

- Subsidised therapies

Under 18 Group

- Drama Therapy

- Swimming

- Cycling

Toddler group

- Music therapy

- Art and Movement Class

- Subsidised therapies

- Social events Summer and Christmas parties.

Family Support

- Educational courses such as Lamh (Sign language used to help children that are non verbal to communicate ) for parents/guardians, Snas, teachers.

- See and Learn Programme which is an introduction to reading for children with Down Syndrome.

- Numicon used to teach mathematics in a visual capacity.

- Support/access to a counsellor

- Parent Link - trained parents supporting families with newborns babies in Co. Mayo.

- Seminars that include online advice and information from facilitators for babies, children, teens, adults and their families.

Support 30km in 30 days for Down Syndrome Mayo Branch.

Stroll, walk or run with your family for our charity over the month of September.

All money raised in Mayo is used for activities,education and support for our members and their families throughout the county.

Make Donations

Register for 30kms in 30 days.

Please call Nichola 083-3184075 for assistance or if you wish to take part.

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- Facebook: Down Syndrome Mayo

- Instagram: Mayo Down Syndrome 

- Twitter: Downmayo

Thank you for your continued support!


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