Do not consume notice for water in Achill continues

Irish Water and Mayo County Council have reminded customers on Achill Island and the adjacent mainland which is supplied by the public water supply, that the 'do not consume' notice remains in place on the water supply.

The water is not safe for consumption or the preparation of foods, but is safe for hygiene and use in washing machines and dishwashers.

A spokesperson for Irish Water told the Mayo Advertiser yesterday: "The important thing would be to remind customers that the notice remains in place and the water is not fit for consumption or the preparation of foods but is safe for bathing and personal hygiene, including handwashing, which is vitally important at this time.

"Irish Water and Mayo County Council are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and are working hard to ensure a continuous water supply is available for everyone on the island.

"Irish Water would like to thank Mayo County Council’s caretakers and staff who have worked tirelessly to keep the plant running since the incident began.

"We would also like to thank the Civil Defence for supporting us in the distribution of bottled water to vulnerable customers on the island."

The following are the Group Water Schemes served by the Achill Public Water Supply Scheme: Dooniver GWS; Saulia No 2 GWS; Crumpaun GWS; Dooega GWS; Shraheens, Achill GWS; Dugort No 1 GWS; Dugort No. 2 GWS; Dugort East GWS; Valley 1 GWS; Valley 3 GWS.

An alternative water supply is in place to support residents and visitors to Achill at the following locations: Tonragee National School; Belfarsad Church; Corraun Church; Alices, Achill Sound; Achill Sound Hotel; St Fionnians/House of Prayer, Achill Sound; Pattens Bar, Dereens; Ashleam; Lavelles Bar, Dooega; Saila National School; Ted Lavelles, Cashel; Ashleam National School; Bunnacurry National School; Dooinver National School; Valley National School; Mastersons Bar, Doogort; Doogort Campsite; Slievemore Holiday Village; Desserted Village Rd, Slievemore; Dookinella National School; Barrett's Shop/Keel Campsite 1 No. small tanker; Keel Hall; Aquarium; St Coleman's Day Centre, Keel; Cuanaoibhinn Housing, Keel; Achill Head; Dooagh National School; Gielty's Bar, Dooagh


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