From Breaffy to Butcher Boy in Singapore

Breaffy native Andrew Walsh runs a number of restaurants in Singapore - where he has had to adapt his life and business to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Breaffy native Andrew Walsh runs a number of restaurants in Singapore - where he has had to adapt his life and business to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Breaffy native Andrew Walsh has done his fair share of travelling over the years through his work as a chef in a number of top restaurants across the globe.

In recent years he has settled in Singapore where he runs a number of very successful eateries including Cure and Butcher Boy.

He told the Mayo Advertiser about how things are panning out where he is, in regard to the Covid19 crisis: "Singapore people are dealing with it and complying very well, there is a lot of trust in the government and how well they acted on it so fast and kept the numbers down.

"From the beginning when it hit Wuhan they started to act and I personally, was very lucky to be in Singapore and have complete faith in the systems and rebates introduced by the authorities. The Financial package to support the economy and people has been amazing and has also calmed the people."

As for how people are adapting to it on the ground, they have been very good about doing what is required he told us: "People are adapting very well, there is no need to panic buy as reserves and cargo planes are flying daily with massive stocks.

"Social distancing is in place, it is not a lockdown, it's called a circuit breaker - restaurants, schools, shops are closed, but deliveries are permitted, which I need for my restaurants."

Running a business in times like this is tough but he has managed to adapt to the times and circumstances, Andrew added, saying: "In business I have to adapt massively in every sense, I have a duty to protect my amazing team and we haven’t lost anyone on my team.

"But adjustment from every angle and new measures have been immense. As I briefed my team, we are not a restaurant but a food production and deliveries service, the guest will now be the consumer and we all have to respect that. Our reputation and our brand will be hurt and we need them not just now, but in the future also.

"For me personally, I am 18 years around the world cooking but so proud to be a Mayo man and Irish and we Irish love to have to fight the good fight and that time is now and our spirits can never be broken, not even bended."

Doing everything well and safely will be key for business to survive during this time and Andrew and his team have embraced that spirit, he told us: "We have to think about this, as the revenue will be for paying salaries, and the product, Cure Pies fresh or frozen or Butcher Boy roast meats and steaks, have to be perfect and packaged amazingly.

"Because when this terrible period is over, our doors will be open, our stoves hot and my staff spirits will be lifted and we will be ready to welcome our guests back with a big smile."

When asked did he have a message for family and friends at home, he had a simple one: "My message for family and friends at home is simply, stay at home, stay safe, stay strong, stay inspired. We will all get through together, support the health workers, and call the elderly, rebuild any broken relationships or bridges. My sister Nicola Murphy who is a nurse in Castlebar hospital, to you and your colleagues, be safe and the world owns you a big thank you.

"To Mis-quote our own great Oscar Wilde: We are all in the gutter, but all of us are looking up at the stars."


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