Reported crime figures for Mayo in 2019 revealed

By Colm Gannon

Three homicide offences were recorded in Mayo last year by Gardaí, according to the latest figures released by the Central Statics Office (CSO ) - those homicide offences were comprised of two murders and one dangerous driving causing death case.

A total of 79 sexual offences were reported in the county over the year, those offences were broken down into 70 rape and sexual assaults and nine other sexual offences. In regard to attempts/threats to murder, assaults, harassments and related offences, a total of 437 such offences were reported to Gardai in Mayo. There were a total of 20 threats to murder in the county in 2019, as well as 85 assaults causing harm/poising and reports of other assaults.

Gardai in Mayo reported 132 incidents of driving/in charge of a vehicle while over the legal alcohol limit last year and there were 37 reports of driving/in charge of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs in the county last year. Seven reports of abandoning a child, child neglect and cruelty were also made in the county in the last 12 months by the Gardai.

Three kidnapping and related offences were recorded - those were broken down into three cases of false imprisonment in 2019 being reported by the Gardai, while there were 13 cases reported under the heading of robbery, extortion and hijacking offences; under that heading there were six reports of robbery from the person and seven cases of blackmail or extortion.

170 burglary and related offences were recorded by Gardai in Mayo - with four of those being reported as aggravated burglaries and 165 non-aggravated burglaries. Theft-related offences were reported 710 times by Gardai in the county, 326 of those were for thefts from shops and 354 of them were for other thefts/handling stolen property.

In regard to controlled drug offences - there were 165 reports made by Gardai in Mayo - those offences were broken down to four for the cultivation or manufacture of drugs, 36 for possession for sale or supply and 123 for possession for personal use. There were 319 reports of criminal damage and 14 reports of arson made by Gardai last year.

631 public order and social code offences were reported by the Gardaí, with the vast majority of those being for disorderly conduct with a total of 572 being reported across the 12 months. There were six prostitution offences recorded by Gardai last year, with all of those being recorded in the final quarter of the year.


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