Community Assessment Hub in Castlebar for mildly symptomatic Covid positive patients

As part of the HSE system wide response to COVID-19, Community Assessment Hubs are being set up so that patients who are confirmed as Covid-19 positive, and who require a face to face clinical assessment can attend a community based hub as near as possible to where they live.

Patients can only access these hubs for assessment by GP referral. The aim of the hubs is to divert mildly symptomatic patients who require medical assessment away from the acute hospital system by providing a facility in the community where patients can be seen, and clinically assessed by a team of nurses, doctors and physiotherapists.

The Community Asseesment Hub in Mayo is located in the County Clinic in Castlebar and will be open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday - attendance at the unit will be by appointment only and there is no walk in capacity .

The patient’s own GP must refer to the Community Assessment Hub. Each of the facilities above has parking on site for staff and patients. Wheelchair accessibility is available on sites. Ambulance access can be facilitated on each site.

The assessment hub will be operational this week.


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