Deepen your Yoga Practice - become a Yoga Teacher

Many people go to their first yoga classes expecting to do a bit of stretching and some relaxation. However, something more often happens, as they discover that the feeling they get in their body and the calmness of their mind was something they were looking for but did not realize it until they experienced it. Very soon after they catch the yoga bug.

If you are that person then think about joining our yoga teacher training course and deepen your practice. From understanding how your body works and building greater strength and flexibility, to developing your breathing for greater energy; not to mention the layering of the subtle experience of restorative practice and mindfulness meditation.

There are practical discussions on how to take your practice off your mat and into your life with philosophy, teaching and communication skills, lesson planning and adjustments training. You learn many skills on a yoga teacher training course that at first are not obvious.

Many skills learnt on the course transition as excellent life skills you can carry with you for the rest of your life. As you can see there are many elements to becoming an excellent yoga teacher and we take you through the full experience to become a fully qualified yoga teacher; to teach yoga in your community to all those who are looking to feel a greater vitality in body, breath and mind.

Roy Griffin has been training yoga teachers for more than 20 years and is one of Ireland's leading yoga tutors. Roy hopes to see you there!

For further information email [email protected] or call 087 1704445.


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