Shake up could be on the way in Junior Football Championship

Photo: Sportsfile

Photo: Sportsfile

There could be a big shake up in the make up of the Mayo GAA Junior Football Championship from next year on if clubs agree to a proposal put forward by the County Board.

At the monthly meeting of the county board this week, CCC Chairperson Seamus Tuohy outlined a new proposal that would see only exclusive junior clubs competing for the junior championship in years to come. The proposal with a number of small amendments was put forward by Killala GAA club and the county board have held a number of meetings with clubs about the changes Tuohy said.

The proposal would see the 15 exclusive junior clubs in the county all competing for the championship next season with four groups - three of four teams and one of three teams all entering the competition.

The top two teams in each group would all go and compete in the quarter-finals of the exclusive Junior 1A championship and the bottom two in the three four team groups and the third placed team in the three team group go will then compete for a exclusive Junior 2A championship in 2020. There will be no promotion from the Junior 2A to the Junior 1A championship for the 2021 championship season. For the following seasons there will be promotion and relegation between the two championships.

The 15 exclusive junior clubs who will be competing in the championship next season if it gets the approval will be Shurle-Glencorrib, Kilmaine, Kilmeena, Ardagh, Kilmovee, Cill Chomain, Tourmakeady, Ballycroy, Killala, Achill, Ballycastle, Eastern Gaels., Moygownagh, Lacken and Kilfian.

There will still be a Junior A, B and C Championships for second and third teams from clubs who play in the senior and intermediate championships to play in against each other, but there will be no promotion to the exclusive Junior championship – which is the only path currently to the senior and intermediate grades, with Castlebar Mitchels B promoted to the intermediate championship for next season after winning this years Mayo Junior Football Championship.

It was also stated that it would allow the junior championship to start at the same time as the senior and intermediate championships and be run off alongside them going on. It was put to the clubs to go back and discuss it with their members and come back with their feedback before the decision is voted on.


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