Over 160 dogs entered Mayo pound last year



One hundred and twenty-two stray dogs entered the pound in Mayo last year and 43 more were surrendered to the pound, according to figures released by Seán Canney, Minister of State for Community Development, Natural Resources and Digital Development.

Of the 165 dogs (including four greyhounds ) which entered the pound in Mayo last year, 26 of them were reclaimed, 131 of them were transferred to dog welfare groups, seven were euthanised and one was still on hand in the pound at the end of the year.

The figures also showed that Mayo has two full-time dog wardens with 59 on-the-spot fines issued by them - 24 of which were paid. A further 11 prosecutions were brought and five convictions recorded. In regard to dog licences, a total of 6,667 were issued in Mayo last year.


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