Is 3D makeup a soon-to-be reality?

Fashion and Beauty

How far-fetched is the concept of 3D makeup becoming a common occurrence in our day-to-day life?

The prospect has become more likely in recent years with the introduction of better technology and access to 3D makeup printers. The first makeup printer of its kind called 'Mink' promises to ‘move to digital and away from traditional TV and print’ to help users find their favourite beauty pieces and advance into something more technologically superior, as mentioned by Elle at the products release.

An important question to ask is, how realistic is it to purchase such a machine and will it offer more convenience to a customer than say, ordering a next day delivery would? According to Elle, the process performed by this makeup printing machine is surprisingly, quite simple.

To begin, users of the printer must download an app to their phone, tablet or computer, import an image and then select colours within the photos to be printed. A Mink makeup sheet is then inserted into the printer, and after a couple of seconds, the image will be printed with makeup instead of the regular printer's ink contents.

The freedom this offers - considering the 16.7 million possible colouring variations it offers - has the potential to expand the beauty world, not only in terms of colour but also in creativity and reach - with no eye-shadow palette required!

This luxury comes at a price however as the printer is currently on sale for $395 in the US and using it raises a number of questions, such as, what will happen to the beauty and makeup products already produced and in stores; how are users to know the makeup produced from the printer is safe, sufficient, authentic and of good quality?

Offering solutions such as helping you find the perfect shade for your foundation, less packaging and waste to support sustainability and the ability to find discontinued or rare beauty products, this new 3D printer nonetheless seems like an appealing product.

However, with justifiable cause for concern being voiced within weeks of its launch, there is no doubt this is a creation that will be used as a stepping stone into further advances within beauty and skincare for the future - while its mainstream success remains uncertain.


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