Motorists urged to 'Watch out for chips' as surface dressing and strengthening gets under way



A 'Watch out for chips' warning has gone out to drivers in Mayo as an €18.8m million roads surface dressing and strengthening programme gets under way.

Over the next four months, Mayo County Council’s machinery yard and municipal districts crews will be treating around 410km of regional and local roads in the county as part of it’s 2019 roadworks programme.

The finished surface on practically all of this work will be surface dressing which consists of applying a layer of chips to a sprayed layer of bitumen emulsion.

The message from Mayo County Council to motorists is “drive slowly over newly surfaced dressed roads”.

Paul Dolan, head of roads with Mayo County Council, said: "Between now and August, drivers are likely to come across locations that have recently been surface dressed or which are being worked on.

"For the technique to work properly, the chippings need to be pressed into a thin layer of hot bitumen on the road surface by a roller and also by normal traffic movements and this is where a driver can help by driving slowly where the surface has recently been laid.

"Low speeds and careful driving in the days after surface dressing has been undertaken will add to the quality of the finished surface. Driving at a slow speed will also help protect vehicle bodywork and tyres from damage or from picking up bitumen and chippings.”

"In addition we would request all drivers to adhere to the traffic management arrangements which are in place at all roadworks sites so as to ensure the safety of the workers and all road users."

Speed restriction signs will be displayed at surface dressing sites, and motorists are advised to drive slowly through road work sites.


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