Running track back on track - Barrett

Independent candidate Harry Barrett

Independent candidate Harry Barrett

"I am glad to see that my representation on behalf of the children of Castlebar was answered by the Minister and that the running track , promised to the children of Castlebar in 2012, is up and running again" Independent candidate for the Castlebar area, Harry Barrett said this week.

He went on to say: "Out on the canvass I have been told repeatedly by parents and indeed grandparents, that they are very disappointed with the lack of progress in building the eight lane tartan running track promised back in 2012. I had contacted the Minister's office personally to enquire about the project and I am delighted to announce that he has responded.

"In his letter to me he categorically states that the decision will be made on the track in the third quarter of this year. I am now calling on all elected government councillors and TDS to lobby the Minister hard to expedite, not only the first phase of funding but the second phase of funding so that this project can accelerate.

"I am worried though, that the overspend on the National Children's Hospital and on the National Broadband Plan might delay this project and I am calling on all councillors and TDS to lobby hard so that our children can have a state-of-the-art running track to the same standard of the tracks in Ballina and Caremorris.

"If elected to Mayo County Council on May 24, I will make the completion of this track a major priority. I have been working on this as an unelected representative and I promise to redouble my efforts if elected on May 24."


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