Put Mayo at the heart of Europe’ - Peter Casey

Independent MEP candidate Peter Casey

Independent MEP candidate Peter Casey

European Parliamentary candidate Peter Casey is calling on Mayo voters to “put your county at the heart of the EU” by lending him your vote on May 24. The Midlands-North-West candidate said he will provide the strong independent voice Mayo needs and deserves in the EU Parliament.

Casey said: "Mayo needs a strong independent voice to fight for the county’s prosperity. On May 24, you will have the opportunity to put your interests into the heart of Europe by lending me your support.

"With your help, we can ensure that the real issues of the people of Mayo are heard, heeded and addressed both at home and in the European parliament. I aim to give you the robust representation you deserve, ensuring you are connected to the EU issues that affect your everyday lives.

"I am committed to connecting rural Ireland to the heart of Europe – I am dedicated to fighting to improve our rural economy, infrastructure, internet connectivity, education, housing and security.

"Our farmers deserve a much better deal from Europe. CAP currently equates to bribing us with our own money. I will battle for a bigger budget to compensate farmers for additional requirements in the reformed CAP and I will fight to ensure there is more equity for farmers. An emergency EU funding package is needed to support farmers affected by Brexit - that is high on my agenda. The Brexit debacle has already had a devastating effect on farm families. Immediate assistance is vital - not least in the beef sector, where farmers have suffered price losses to the tune of €101m since last autumn.

"Year after year our fishermen have their quotas cut, yet other countries’ vessels raid our fish stocks, seemingly without hindrance. I believe the entire EU fishing policy needs re-negotiating to ensure a fairer deal for our fishing industry.

"Many claim that the housing crisis in Dublin is Ireland’s number one problem. Frankly, I disagree. It is much closer to home for us in the counties of Midlands-North-West. Ireland’s greatest underlying problem is how badly rural Ireland has been abandoned, to the extent that young people living there feel they must leave to be successful.

"I will drive to ensure our towns and villages are well connected and properly serviced places where more people want to live and work. I am committed to battling the regeneration of our rural towns. To make that come true will require hard work, more jobs and most of all, new thinking."

Immigration - Where else can they go?

“When Brexit happens, if someone wants to migrate to an English-speaking EU country, they only have one option - Ireland. I am calling for a temporary suspension of Freedom of Movement to Ireland in light of the serious economic, societal and environmental difficulties Brexit presents. We’d be overwhelmed, we couldn’t afford it. The Government is already failing to address the housing crisis in Dublin which only heaps further pressure on counties like Mayo.

"The EU Commission has been targeting Ireland’s taxation sovereignty for some time. As your MEP, I will stand up for Ireland’s right to determine our own tax rates because retaining that power is so important to our prosperity."



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