Geraldine's Slimway story

"I decided to join Slimway and attended my first class on September 19 2019. My sister-in-law Helen told me about it and we joined together. I had a few health issues at the time including Hyperthyroidism with Graves' disease and IBS all of which I was on medication for. I had a terrible diet and would go all day without food until dinner time surviving only on coffee.

"I was constantly tired, sluggish and overweight. Family events and occasions for dressing up became a source of depression when clothes either wouldn't fit or when searching for new outfits it was impossible to find anything I liked or looked good in.

"On the first week of the plan I found it hard to eat all I needed to eat but it didn't take long for my body to adjust. The first thing I noticed was my energy levels grew everyday and as soon as the pounds started to come off I felt so good about myself. The plan is so easy to follow, keeping track of what you've eaten and planning your meals in advance made the plan easy to follow and achievable.

"In 19 weeks of weekly weight in's I lost between one pound and four pounds each week, so seeing that along with the support from Bernie made me more determined to reach my target of a two and half stone weight loss. The best part of my story is that my hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease that was looking likely I'd need surgery to control is now in remission and my IBS symptoms have completely gone.

"I'm off all medication now and feeling better than I ever have and it's all thanks to Slimway, the easy way."


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