Close shaves at Burrishoole greenway crossing

Cllr Michael Holmes

Cllr Michael Holmes

Independent Cllr Michael Holmes has called for urgent safety works to be put in place at the Great Western Greeway road crossing at Burrishoole.

Cllr Holmes raised the issue at this week's meeting of the West Mayo Municipal District saying: "I have raised this numerous times before, it is only a matter of time before something happens there. I have spoken to Pat Staunton in the regional design office and I know they are working on a short term and long term solution there, but it needs to be done.

"If you go there any day or especially at the weekend and park your car for an hour, you will see more than a few close shaves - with people crossing and especially parents and children as they try to get across the road.

"I know the plans are to eventually bring the greenway down the south side of the road and have it cross on an overhead passage where the old railway bridge is and that makes perfect sense, but we need to have some kind of solution in the short term put in place, be it flashing lights or warnings for cars, that people are crossing there."


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