Shop smart this season in the after Christmas sales

Fashion and Beauty

As Christmas Day passes in a whirlwind of Celebrations boxes and torn apart gift wrap strewn across the sofa, the post Christmas sales come hurtling at us at top speed.

Back to shopping and scouring both online and the shops for some St Stephen’s Day offers, there are certain things to look out for in both fashion and beauty to help the transition into the next season a whole lot easier.

Thinking ahead is a huge benefit for the after Christmas and January sales as it stops you from buying things that may become obsolete or unusable in a couple of weeks (put down the handful of Christmas jumpers! ).

Coats will almost always be a go-to item for every look. For spring opt for a light coloured, cosy and long style coat reflecting the change in weather while still maintaining the warmth needed for the early days of spring.

Although it’s still pretty cold out there, some light, fashionable gloves in either a red or grey will add the ideal type of spring cosiness we all need after a freezing winter.

Skirts and dresses are back in a huge way. Whether you’re focusing on looks for work, college or even hitting the town, some light greens, pinks and reds can add a little something different to your style look.

A change in shoes from season to season is possibly the most evident alteration through looks.

When hunting down the best bargains after all the festivities, choosing some lighter ankle boots, chic style shoes or loafers and maybe even some running gear to get you feeling amazing this new year are definite musts.

In beauty, sales are a perfect time to stock up on all your basic beauty and skincare essentials for the following months.

From cleansers to face masks, whatever your skin needs next season find it early and for a fraction of the price to prevent those unfortunate nights of scraping the last bit of your favourite face moisturiser out of its tube.

This is also the best time to experiment with your 2019 make-up look. Always wanted to learn the skill of eyeshadow blending or go wild with multiple colours of eyeliner? This shopping trip is your chance, so have fun with it!


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