€107,000 approved for works at Robeen Crossroads

Minister Michael Ring

Minister Michael Ring

Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring has confirmed that an additional €107,000 has been approved for Robeen Crossroads, Hollymount.

Minister Michael Ring stated: "I am pleased that an additional €107,000 has been approved for works at Robeen Crossroads. This funding is in addition to the €175,000 which was allocated in January 2018. This funding is for safety measures at Robeen Crossroads.

"This additional funding will allow for the continuation of the works which were carried out at Robeen Crossroads this year which has greatly improved safety at this junction.

"There had been a number of very serious accidents at this location. The issue of safety at this junction has been raised by numerous local people for many years and they had been in constant contact with me in this regard”.

"The total funding allocation approved to this junction to complete the works is €282,000. This was a very dangerous junction and I am pleased that this Government were able to secure funding to improve this junction at Robeen Crossroads."


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