Hugh Barr exhibition 'Head in the Hedgerow' at Custom House

Custom House Studios in Westport are pleased to host an exhibition of paintings by Hugh Barr 'Head in the Hedgerow' which will run every day until September 16.

Hugh Barr moved to the West of Ireland 10 years ago, from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The peace and the countryside helped him to see life differently and stress and strains ebbed away.

According to Barr, walking his dogs every day along the country lanes not only gave him exercise and cleared his head, but he also looked at his surrounding more closely, taking in the wildlife and nature. Like many people, he thought of the hedgerow as just a border to a field, a hedge at the side of the road.

Originally these borders would have been stone walls, built by man. Without our interference, nature has taken over and created its own life system.

Hugh Barr began to see the plants and signs of animals. He noticed the seasonal changes and even saw how the plants reacted to the daily effects of weather and light. He was always aware of these things, but now he was taking a closer look.

This enabled him understand the diversity of life sustained by the hedgerows and the important role that they play within the countryside. His paintings in this exhibition are inspired by the nature surrounding him; these are the small things that make up the bigger picture.


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