Renault Laguna and Eric Cantona

Love him or hate him, the soccer legend Eric Cantona was greatly missed when he retired from the game. But he's back and featuring on an epic 90-second TV advert with the new Renault Laguna. It is being broadcast since Monday, mainly in France, but we can also see it here on British TV channels.

Renault tells us that it teamed up with footballer and actor Cantona because it wanted to make a truly original ad featuring the new Renault Laguna, which ranks among the best in its sector for quality.

The film is presented as an infomercial - as interpreted by Eric Cantona. Based on the principle of direct marketing, the script covers new Laguna’s many qualities while staying faithful to Eric Cantona’s inspiration and personality.

The unique selling points of new Laguna are highlighted in clean and uncluttered shots, featuring simply the car and Eric Cantona, filmed against a white background. Chief among these selling points are Laguna's modernity, with Bluetooth navigation and an HD audio system with three-dimensional sound, safety, with eight airbags, and efficiency, with the world-exclusive 4Control four-wheel steering system.

The new ad campaign’s innovative content is matched by its originality in terms of form. It costs less than a classic TV campaign and is broadcast mainly in late-night viewing slots to target the upper socio-professional audience. It also benefits from major exposure on the Internet, maximising impact while reducing media outlay.

If you don't usually watch advertisements, you can still see this one on:


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