Pet Stop — your local pet shop and fuel centre

Pets are a commitment. They need your care and attention every day of their lives, that can mean looking after them for many years — some cats will live for over 20 years, as will some of the smaller breeds of dog. Pet Stop Discount Warehouse is on hand to give you the best advice, food, and accessories for your pet. Just call in and talk to the expert staff whether you have a large or small pet.

As the old slogan goes, 'a dog is for life, not just for Christmas', so when you do get a pet remember that you have a commitment to look after it. At Petstop Discount Warehouse and Fuel Centre, you can get a large variety of products for great value. There are shops in Sligo, Castlebar, Ballina, Sligo, and Ennis, so there is always a shop near you. The company specialises in pet food and accessories but also has a large fuel depot on site.

They also stock a large variety of foods for different animals at lower prices and carry the very best brands for dogs, cats, horses, small animals and birds, poultry, and fish. Well known pet food brands available at lower prices include Royal Canin, Pedigree, Whiskas, and Felix.

Petstop Discount Warehouse and Fuel Centre's accessory range includes pet toys, cat flaps, litter trays, pet bedding, grooming accessories, aquariums, pet medicine, travel cages, identification tags, collars, and leads. Petstop Discount Warehouse and Fuel Centre stock a large range of fuel and gas for your fireplace or stove at excellent value including smokeless, accessories/tools, briquettes, wood blocks, wood pellets, and gas.

Call into one of the stores or visit for more information.



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