Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon @ Bus King

Phantom Dog's Aaron Hurley to perform solo acoustic show

Aaron Hurley. Photo:- Mike Shaughnessy

Aaron Hurley. Photo:- Mike Shaughnessy

AARON HURLEY, one half of the Galway indie-rock/avant-garde duo Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, plays a solo acoustic show this weekend as part of the Bus King gig series.

PDBTM's music draws on the spirit of Talk Talk and Radiohead, while incorporating elements of ambient, shoegaze, and left-field music as heard on their most recent album, The Statue of the Hunter is Lost at Sea, released earlier this year via Rusted Rail.

In a solo setting, the songs are stripped back to their very essence, allowing them to reveal, through Aaron's imaginative guitar playing, an otherwise hidden set of dynamics and facets. His vocal style, at once vulnerable and haunting, proves an bewitching element which lends further power and weight to the songs.

The gig takes place in the stationary double-decker Crustbucket pizza bus in the beergarden of Carroll's, Dominick Street, this Saturday at 3pm. It is organised by Galway-based independent record label Rusted Rail. Admission is free. Space is limited. Early arrival is advised.



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