Murray & Spelman (financial services) to provide apprenticeship degree programme

Murray & Spelman has just announced its participation in Ireland's first degree apprenticeship programme, BA (hons ) in insurance practice. The Insurance Institute, in collaboration with IT Sligo and a steering group of cross industry representatives, developed this three-year programme which combines academic learning with practical on-the-job-training.

This apprenticeship will allow school leavers, graduates, and career changers to get a foot in the door to one of Ireland's largest and most diverse financial services sectors. The programme is designed to equip apprentices with technical and workplace skills while working towards a Level 8 honours degree, making it the first programme of its kind in the country.

The apprentice will work at Murray & Spelman (financial services ) where he/she will be trained in all areas of financial planning with specified time each week strictly allocated to lectures and tutorials. Joe McKeogh director, Murray & Spelman (financial services ) said: "We decided to take part in this programme for the second year running as we think it is an exciting and innovative approach to higher level education. We feel that this apprenticeship is a very effective mechanism to tap into fresh talent for the financial services industry. We are well placed to provide the mentoring and training needed as we have an exceptionally skilled workforce already in place at Murray & Spelman (financial services ) and we are looking forward to being part of the Apprenticeship Degree Programme 2017."

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