Dr Heal-Good to hold healing day this weekend

Arthur Whyte, also known as ‘Dr Heal-Good’, is back in Galway again, following his very successful visit to the psychic and holistic fair earlier this year. He has returned several times since, offering private healings and healing evenings in the Salthill Hotel.

Dr Heal-Good’s healing day will take place in the hotel this Saturday. According to Arthur White, when a group of like-minded people come together great healings can take place on many levels. He describes the atmosphere of these events as easy, relaxing, and enjoyable, which encourages people to unwind and focus more on themselves, allowing the healing to take place.

Mr White said that people often notice how much lighter and more energised they are afterwards, while feeling better connected to themselves.

Arthur Whyte’s grandfather offered him the gift of healing at the tender age of 16, the day before his grandfather died. It took almost 30 years for him to take up his role as a healer.

People attend the healing events for numerous reasons, ranging from the physical to the emotional, to general wellbeing. “It’s often the physical condition that brings a person in front of me,” he said. “Although it can be an entirely different reason why they are actually there.”

For further details on this weekend’s healing day contact Alison on 087 6302694.



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