Utah Saints DJ set at Cuba*

No less a figure than Bill Drummond - the writer, prankster, and man behind The KLF - described The Utah Saints as the first true stadium house band.

While they are used to recording with people like REM’s Michael Stipe or joining U2 on the band’s major stadium shows, the Utahs occasionally take time out to play more intimate venues.

Galway will get a chance to see the duo up close and personal when they perform a DJ set in Cuba*, Eyre Square, on Saturday December 6 at 11pm.

The Utah’s music is produced by Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt, who are joined on stage by other musicians when playing live. They had a string of hit singles in the British pop charts in the 1990s, and were notable for their extensive use of sampling technology.

Their practice of manipulating samples from mainstream pop and rock songs, and combining them with contrasting dance beats, pre-dated the mashup scene by several years. They are seen as pioneers for bringing sampling technology into mainstream dance and pop music.

Following unreleased albums and ‘contract oblivion’, the pair decided to take some time off. Last year Garbutt and Willis got back into action with ‘Something Good 08’, a remix by Australia’s Van She of the Utah’s original 1992 Top 5 hit. It went to number one in the British dance chart.

Now ready to take the world again, Utah Saints are recording new material for a studio album, gigging, and working on a mix compilation.

It’s all go for Garbutt and Willis so don’t miss them when they hit town.

Admission is €10. For more information contact 091 - 565991 or email [email protected]


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