French electro-rock duo The Shoes to play Cuba

The Shoes.

The Shoes.

With the arrival of Daft Punk and Air in the late 1990s the French finally shed their image as rock’s no hopers and revealed they did electro and dance with more sophistication and innovation than anyone else.

Continuing the tradition and high standards set by their predecessors are French electro-rock duo The Shoes. They play Cuba on Saturday August 2 at 11pm and they promise to bring a night of reckless party abandon and indie-electro-disco madness to the Eyre Square venue.

The Shoes are part of the new French electro scene, although what part of France they come from is as yet unclear. Neither member will say if they are from Reims or Monaco. They have already remixed Hard Fi and Hadouken! while an album of their own music is currently in preparation.

Admission is €10/€8. Entry is free for Cuba members until midnight. For more information contact 091-565991,, or


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