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Crysis:Warhead Review

When Crysis released in late 2007 computer systems around the world groaned under the strain of wide open level design, gorgeous graphics and incredible detail throughout.

The now famous Nanosuit added considerable depth to the eye candy factor and the entire package wowed the global gaming scene without exception. Crysis:Warhead is less of a sequel and more of parallel to the storyline of the original as you take on the role of Sergeant Michael Sykes, affectionately known as Psycho, a useful moniker in a warzone and the moderately comedic cohort from the original game.

The action and destruction are evident from the get go as you set off in pursuit of a North Korean colonel and his mysterious cargo. The AI is vastly improved over the original and offers probably the best challenge in the game as the missions themselves are generally far too linear and predictable. Furthermore they grossly underutilise the Nanosuit which, let's face it, is what we all want to use a great deal, right? This, combined with much too simplified mission structure and pretty poor cut-scenes, taint an otherwise excellent release from Crytek.

Graphically Crysis:Warhead has no peers. Again you will require a powerful system to fully appreciate the incredible detail present in this game. Multiplayer gets a huge boost too with some excellent maps that demand tactical use of the Nanosuit and feature a huge variety of vehicles and weapons. Fans of the original Crysis will enjoy this and Warhead will bring more fans to the fair.



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