Top tips on choosing a removal service

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Although it may not feel like it, it is the season of spring and the idea of a spring cleaning is on many people's minds.

During the annual deep clean people may find that they have plenty of items may need to be thrown away. However, the items in question may be too big or too plentiful to be a one man job. The solution - a removal company.

Here at the we provide the top tips on how to select the right removal company.

Licensed and insured

Probably not the first thought on people's minds when choosing a removal company but it is very important that the company is fully licensed. You do not want any cowboys coming into your home and taking your throw aways and selling them on to unsuspecting customers. Also make sure the company is fully insured so it can compensate for any loss that may occur during the removal service.


A fairly obvious quality of any business is reliability. Asking around is always a good way to find who is good but also ask the company when it can come and complete the job. Any removal company worth its salt should be able to provide high quality service within three days of an initial request.

Recycling policy

Find out what is the company's policy on recycling. Unreliable companies will simply take rubbish and dump it at the nearest landfill; this is obviously very harmful to the environment.


Many companies offer services at affordable rates. Choose the one that offers quality service within your budget. But remember to agree on a price before work commences as you do not want some nasty add ons when the job is completed.

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