A man and his microwave ready to conquer Ireland

Tomorrow Diarmuid McCleary will embark on a charity hitch-hike around Ireland with no money and just a microwave.

Calling the challenge 'The Microwave Express', McCleary is doing the hitch-hike to raise money for the charity Jigsaw.

McCleary said; "I am hitch-hiking from Ballinasloe to Sligo tomorrow then onto Donegal on Saturday. My plan is to try and reach every county in Ireland with no money and just the Microwave.

"I am relying totally on the kindness of strangers to make the trip possible as I will have no money or place to stay. I do not know how long it will take or if this is even possible but I am going to give a go."

Those wishing to donate can by visiting McCleary's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/themicrowaveexpress/ or website https://themicrowaveexpress.com/.


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