Pete Higgins to release debut album

Circadian Rhythm & Blues released Friday March 23

Pete Higgins.

Pete Higgins.

PETE HIGGINS, the Galway based musician, whose music draws on the Americana of Ryan Adams, the indie and electro leanings of Sufjan Stevens, swing jazz, and Johnny Marr, is about to release his debut album.

Pete, who is originally from Roscommon, will release Circadian Rhythm & Blues tomorrow. His songs are rooted in an acoustic foundation, while his lyrical inspiration is the Atlantic Ocean. “I see the ocean every day from my bedroom window and it changes colour and texture continuously," he says. "Its ebbs and flows always remind me of the ups and downs of modern day life."

Drawing on diverse musical influences, Higgins is not content for his music to remain in one genre. “The song dictates what direction it goes in," he says. "I try to follow the melody to wherever it sits most comfortably.”

Circadian Rhythm & Blues will be available on all major streaming services on Friday March 23.


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