The guide to getting away during a staycation

Sometimes we need a break without having to leave the country but sometimes we can take a break without having to leave our homes.

A staycation originally referred to staying in one's country as opposed to jetting off abroad for a break. However, what if we could stay at home while spending time in exotic locations? It sounds impossible, however, with technology, we can do just that. Here is a rundown of our favourite staycation escapes:

Find hidden treasure

While the package holiday to Lanzarote might allow holiday makers to see the sights, one thing they will not be able to do is travel back in time. However, MMO Voyage Century allows players to play alongside other people as they sail the seven seas and look for treasure. As players collect more skills, they can build their profile and become the richest swashbuckling pirate in the land. If that is not enough of an adventure, players will be hard pressed to find an alternative.

Escape to the rainforest

If the thought of going to the rainforest sounded appealing until we found we had to get multiple yellow fever jabs, then there might be another way to go about it. The Amazon Queen slots at Casino Euro are a great way to reward oneself with a break. Instead of covering ourselves in bug repellant and heading out into the unknown, players are able to enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit while they play.

For beach bums

For a beach day, when the weather is more Blackpool than Barbados, why not get the gang together and play Big Beach Sports on the Nintendo Wii. Players can choose from volleyball, football, tennis, and even bocce, a version of boules which is played on the beach. Once players have honed their skills, and mastered the games alone, he/she can encourage others to join and spend time playing against friends in tournament mode, or even team up and play games such as Calypso Cricket together. If a player is really committing to a beach theme, they could serve up sandy sandwiches and melting ice creams to accompany the fun. It might not be Malibu, but players can still enjoy all of the charms of the beach.

Take it old school

Players do not always have to log in to get away. Remember board games? Well they still exist, and there is a new contender in town. We all have a soft spot for Monopoly but sometimes we need a new game to rekindle the competitive spirit among the family. That is where Pirate Dice comes in. The new board game was kickstarted through crowdfunding and has gained a cult following throughout the world. The aim is to get to the treasure, but in order to do so, players will have to destroy opponents with a series of battering rams and cannon balls. There are lots of different maps from which to choose and players can also custom make their own. Gamers will be throwing out the Scrabble before long.

Players do not need to get on a plane of fork out a fortune for a hotel when they can have lots of fun on a staycation. Take a walk and bring a picnic along if it is a nice day, or just enjoy time in the garden. Saving money could mean an even bigger adventure in a few years time.


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