Top tips for house hunting

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Looking for a new house or perhaps your first home. Have at look at the's advice on house hunting.

1 Set a deadline

Most people set a deadline of three months to find their perfect home. You are likely to be more selective in what you need to view when you tally up how Saturdays are left before the end of the three months. The pressure of a deadline can focus many minds.

2 What are your needs

It is important to remember what you want from a new home. If you have a child or a puppy perhaps you will want a garden. If it is just yourself or a couple maybe an apartment will suit that candidate's needs. Deciding what you want will help you and your estate agent narrow down the list of choices and help speed up the house hunting process.

3 Identify the opportune moment

This is when the stars align and you have the desire to buy as well as the financial means to do so. If you can buy and the bank is willing to fund your purchase due to your current status, do not presume it will last.

4 Online

The internet is great for many things and it is brilliant for finding new houses. Along with a number of property websites, Google Maps provides potential buyers with angles of the house and surrounding area. also has clear outlines of the plot.

So there you have it. A few tips on how to go find your dream home. Happy hunting.

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