Moss, moss, moss, moss

The moss issue this year could reasonably be described as brutal — it is everywhere, and there is very little that could be done to avoid it. The poor summer last year was abruptly halted when the rain started falling in October, and it was relentless throughout November, December, and January and only now is it showing signs of stopping (hopefully ).

The net result of all this moisture is a completely saturated garden, and mountains of spongy moss, erupting out of the lawn and choking anything trying to grow there, including your grass.

Despair no more — help is at hand from the nice people from Greenhand Lawn Treatments who are well able to deal with such mossy problems as well as many other lawn issues. Call Greenhand to set up a free visit and assessment, and the lawn experts will quickly diagnose any issues, recommending the appropriate steps to start your lawn on the road to recovery. You may find that you need a moss control spray, or maybe something more dramatic, but whatever is required, the Greenhand team are well placed to get it back into the best condition with more than five years' experience in the west of Ireland.

To book your free analysis and no obligation quotation just call Jean on 098 39155 or 0870 555 155, visit, or find Greenhand Lawn Treatment Services on Facebook.



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