Hearty healthy soups at SuperSubs

There are a lot of well kept secrets in the west. John Huston’s beach is one. It is all about the ingredients when it comes to this undiscovered beauty spot. It is situated on an inlet on the rugged Atlantic shoreline. It has pristine white sand. It is small enough to be intimate yet big enough to be striking. And it has that extra bit of magic of having been used as a west of Ireland hideaway by one of the most famous directors in Hollywood in the last century. Part of the magic of the beach is that not many people know it exists, but those who do will tell you that it is one of the best little beaches in the world.

One of the best kept secrets in foodie circles is the soup at SuperSubs. Made fresh and delivered every morning to the SuperSubs outlets, this soup is as tasty as spending a day on one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and having it all to yourself. This product is 100 per cent fresh and 100 per cent natural. You can get hearty veg, butternut squash, the delicious tomato and red pepper, and a lot more. And when you combine it with a light sandwich you can have a nice filling lunch that is under 300kcal.

Like Huston’s Beach, it is all about the ingredients. When you use fresh ingredients and have the right mix, you have the recipe for delicious simplicity. The secret ingredient is the soup maker, Johnny Curley. One of Galway’s best-known fruit and veg suppliers, Johnny Curley makes the soup in Curley’s Quality Food HQ every day. He came from England to grow his first set of cabbages and went on to build a family business that is one of the biggest suppliers to Ireland's largest chain of family restaurants, Supermac’s. Johnny Curley has been delivering his top quality fresh products to Supermac’s, SuperSubs, and Papa John’s Ireland over the past 15 years.

It is hard to argue with Johnny when he says that "freshness is the key". Sports nutritionist Sinéad Bradbury loves the SuperSubs soups. “I do get a bit overexcited about a great tasting, nourishing, and warming soup, one that is made with care and attention,” she says. “It is definitely one of my top five healthiest meals and not as easy to get right as one might think. Soup is great because it so easy to digest, doesn’t bloat, sustains our energy levels, and is highly convenient if you are on the go and time poor.

"The Food4Life Soups are delicious. I would give them top marks for taste, consistency, and for their use of top quality ingredients. The recipes have been carefully developed over many years. They are prepared fresh each day in east Galway. The Food4Life light soups are all naturally gluten free. They do not contain any preservatives and are free from all food additives, a soup to be proud of. You can choose between hearty vegetable, butternut squash, and roasted tomato and red pepper. Loaded with vitamins and minerals and immune boosters like garlic and ginger, these soups are my top choice for healthy eating on the go, any time of the day.” Now that is a hearty endorsement.

But the best way to judge whether this is one of the best soups in the business is to taste it yourself. The proof is in the tasting. This is one of the west’s best kept secrets that you have easy access to as SuperSubs are available at selected Supermac’s throughout Galway.



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