'Class and rustic meets the modern Salthill'

Previously known as the Fisherman, owners, the O'Malley family, have decided to take the famous restaurant in a new direction, so they closed for a month-long overhaul and renovation and re-opened as Wilde's. New manager Daniel Tobin sat down with the advertiser.ie to chat about the concept of Wilde's, launch day, and the hopes for the year ahead.

What is the concept?

Daniel - Our interior theme is 'class and rustic meets the modern Salthill', which is something to which we pair our food concept. We aim to deliver quality foods. Our menu consists of Irish and general European dishes. Each dish has been well thought out and designed in accordance with each flavour and ingredient's strengths. With fine foods comes fine wines. We have an extensive wine menu with 50 wines from which to choose. Or if you would rather, we have a selection of remarkable cocktails, beers, spirits, and so forth. We all felt that while we will continue to serve fresh seafood every day, we needed to broaden our horizon in order to entertain a larger customer base.

Do you think it will fill a niche in the Salthill business landscape? What makes it different?

Daniel - Absolutely. Located in Salthill, the spot aims to draw in locals and tourists alike with a menu featuring both creative and classic comfort food. Head chef Igor, originally Polish, has spent almost three decades learning about different cuisines around Europe and uses his raw passion and perfectionism in every dish prepared at Wilde's.The restaurant has a large, beautifully decorated, dining area, featuring full-length windows overlooking Galway Bay. You can fine-dine or have a casual coffee and scone while watching the stunning view of The Atlantic. On Friday and Saturday evenings, with the candles lit and lights turned down, customers can enjoy in the cosy atmosphere with some live, soft, piano music.

In the last few months, Salthill has gradually begun to uplift. We are seeing many more opportunities within Salthill for other businesses, including Wilde's, to enhance its beauty. Salthill is a great area, and I think many will agree with me when I say that I am thrilled to see it expanding with new businesses and become busier with not only tourists but locals of Galway.

How did the first weekend go? What do you expect to see in the weeks/months to come?

Daniel - The first weekend was very pleasant and smooth. Obviously, there were many things of which the floor staff became aware and they took in any adjustments that needed to be made. In any new business, the first week or so will always outline what is going to work, what is not, and what we need to fix and up our game at. The thing that really made our opening weekend so special was the brilliant customers. They were all so kind and understanding. Sunday, our third day, was quite busy as the Galway/Mayo match was on around the corner in Pearse Stadium. Nonetheless, everything went very well bar a few minimal hiccups. Over the next few weeks and months, I expect to see a big jump in the local crowds in Salthill. Many people are now choosing to come to Salthill for a bite to eat or coffee, rather than heading into the city centre. With this I certainly envision us to become a lot busier and a lot faster. This allows us to convey our quality of food and service. I firmly believe in Wilde's becoming one of Galway's best restaurants.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Daniel - Coming from an Italian background, five of my aunties and uncles and my father, have been involved in running restaurants, four of whom are chefs. My passion for food and restaurants is raw, and I aim to train each member of my team here at Wilde's to provide the best service possible. From expert barista coffees to exquisite cocktails I will always ensure we are doing our very best to make your breakfast, lunch, or dinner special.

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