CIPD award in coaching and mentoring

Some of last year’s NCI coaching and mentoring students with lecturer Jacinta Doyle Durand (front, third from left).

Some of last year’s NCI coaching and mentoring students with lecturer Jacinta Doyle Durand (front, third from left).

Does money motivate employees to work hard? Research indicates that there is less than a two per cent overlap between pay and job satisfaction. What does that mean?

We all know money is important. We need money to pay our bills, put food on the table, and so on. Yet research shows that employees earning high salaries have similar patterns of job satisfaction to those employees earning low salaries.

So what does this mean for employers? Employers want employees to work efficiently and effectively and be engaged in their work. So, if money doesn’t actually make this happen, what does?

The motivation to work hard comes from within employees themselves, and coaching has been discovered by business leaders as one of the most practical ways to enable employees to want to give their best.

Following last year’s very successful course, National College of Ireland (NCI ) is offering the CIPD accredited award in coaching and mentoring again this year, starting on Tuesday, February 27, at 6.15pm in the Western Management Centre, Newcastle. It will run for 16 weeks.

The course is ideal for middle management, team leaders, or anyone who has day-to-day influence over employees. A coaching approach to people management can drive a business to new levels of productivity, delivering significant return on investment.

The course also includes a valuable examination of consulting skills. It is about effecting change and strengthening the business.

Whether you are seeking to introduce a coaching style of people management to your organisation, or striving to unlock the latent potential of individuals through mentoring, this programme will equip you with the right tools to succeed.

The National College of Ireland has more than 60 years’ experience delivering courses to HR and line managers. NCI has been running professional courses in partnership with the Western Management Centre for more than 20 years, including the hugely popular CIPD certificate in HRM and diploma in HRM currently running every Saturday.

For further information contact the Western Management Centre at 091 528777 or 086 174 0532.


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