Travel the world with a CELTA/TEFL qualification

We often hear people say that life is not a rehearsal, so if you are interested in doing some travelling, changing career, taking early retirement, or learning about other cultures, now is the time. One of the best ways to see the world while at the same time earn some money is by teaching English.

"As a teacher of English abroad, you can immediately immerse yourself in a culture and get to know the local people without having to speak the language of that culture," says Mary Grennan, director of International House Galway. "Of course, you will have the opportunity to learn the language too while you’re there, which is wonderful. You can also teach English here in Ireland in a language school or even in your own home — it’s a great cultural education, and great fun too."

To teach English, you need get a recognized TEFL qualification — but which one should you go for? There are many types, from quick weekend online courses to full and part-time 120-plus hour courses, but the more recognised the TEFL course is, the better placed you will be to find a good job, and the most recognised TEFL qualification in the world is the University of Cambridge CELTA course.

Why is the CELTA the most well known TEFL course in the world? Unlike other TEFL courses, each CELTA course is externally assessed by a University of Cambridge assessor, which guarantees quality and standardization, and this is what employers look for. Unlike other TEFL courses, CELTA tutors are highly qualified and experienced Cambridge teacher trainers; and unlike other TEFL courses, the Cambridge CELTA is on the UK Framework of Reference (OFQUALS ) at Level 5 — degree level. So CELTA qualified teachers are very much sought after around the world.

IH Galway is a member of International House World Organisation, an association of language and teacher training centres with more than 160 centres worldwide — you can see where the centres are on the map. IH is a leader in teacher training and the name is very highly regarded by schools and colleges around the world. Graduates of the IH Galway CELTA can avail of the IH World recruitment service.

But what is the Cambridge CELTA course actually like? Let’s hear from some IH Galway CELTA graduates:

"The CELTA at IH Galway was a fantastic first step on our journey to teaching English abroad. The tutors were warm, friendly, supportive, and professional. The course was intensive and demanding but was also a thoroughly enjoyable experience." — Mary and Michael Delaney.

"I retired from primary teaching and decided to do a CELTA course at IH Galway. The classes were engaging and completely different to the teaching I knew. I quickly realized how prestigious the Cambridge CELTA is as I have been successful in gaining employment as a teacher of English in schools and I also teach in my own home. I would recommend this course to anyone in the process of retiring and wondering what to do." — Bernadette Flannery.

"I would highly recommend the CELTA course at IH Galway. It was a fantastic experience that has given me great confidence to pursue a career in teaching in language centres and in my home. Although challenging, I found the support of the tutors and my fellow students invaluable." — Thérèse Shannon .

"The CELTA course in IH Galway was one of the most valuable learning experiences I had. The course is built on the foundations of practical experience and self reflection which I believe to be key to its effectiveness. I have no doubt the knowledge and skills acquired will be an invaluable asset as I embark on my new teaching career." — Zita Flatley.

"The CELTA is something one has to commit to but the rewards are enormous. Without the IH Galway CELTA in my back pocket I would never have met the wonderful people I had the honour of teaching in my travels around the world." — Paraic Malone.

"I would recommend anyone interested in English language teaching, attaining a super recognised qualification in a short space of time, travelling, and meeting interesting people to apply for the CELTA course at IH Galway." — Serena Bannon.

IH Galway is based at GMIT in Galway. For details of full and part-time IH Galway CELTA courses starting in March, contact [email protected] or 091 381110.


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