Top tips for keeping your car running during the cold spell

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Spring has arrived; in name but not in nature.

The weather has been dreadful in February but at least we can go inside the house to warm up. But what about our poor cars?

Here at the we provide top tips to showing your car some TLC during this cold spell.

Check your battery

Arguably the biggest casualty of the cold in a car is the battery. Car batteries struggle to operate in cold weather as they would in warm weather. Ergo a weak battery in the hotter months will most likely be dead during the cold snap. Best advice is to perform a volt test on the battery to make sure it is in working order and if it is not then purchase a new one. You do not want to be stranded in a cold car park with a car that will not start.

Track tyre pressure

Tyre pressure can drop with the air temperature. Driving around with low tyre pressure can lead to tyre wear and tread separation, which can cause an accident. Head to the petrol station to pump your tyres if they need air. But remember to let some air out when the temperature rises again.

Check the defroster

A pretty obvious tip here but check that the defroster is working properly. If not you will have iced up windows.

So there you have it. Wrap warm for the rest of February and keep your car healthy as well.

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