Galway Repeal movement launches 'alternative' Valentine's cards

Members of the Galway Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment will be on Shop Street this afternoon selling 'alternative' Valentine's Day cards, with the cards containing various arguments in favour of repeal.

There are eight different versions of the 'Heart to Heart Conversations' cards. Each version features a different argument to repeal the Eighth Amendment, focusing on healthcare; pregnancy and childbirth; women's rights; fatal foetal abnormality; class; the restrictions it places on doctors; how it affects migrants and ethnic minorities; and how it can affect the LGBTQ+ community.

The cards will be on sale on Shop Street today from 12.30pm, and according to Dette McLoughlin, co-secretary of the Galway Coalition, the cards are to "help people make a connection with others".

"Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to people we know about the Eighth Amendment and abortion and the need for repeal," she said. "They are written in everyday language, so that someone who isn't quite sure or hasn't a clue about the realities and experiences suffered because of the Eighth gets the information in an easy to understand, user friendly, way. The eight versions are also different in their style and tone, just as people are all different in how we talk or write."



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