The Clockworks - new single, Róisín Dubh show

'Rumours In The Stockroom' shows Galway band expanding their sound

The Clockworks.

The Clockworks.

THE CLOCKWORKS, one of Galway's most exciting bands, and who have been gaining attention abroad, release their new single, 'Rumours In The Stockroom', on Friday February 16.

Short, sharp, and to the point at two minutes, 27 seconds, the song is a Libertines-esque slice of life drama, about a man whose drinking is getting out of hand and is affecting his life and work. His tragedy is he knows how bad things haver become, but he just cannot stop: "My new phone is broken...I'm rolling in late. I'm never drinking again. Another drink will set me straight."

Despite their young years, The Clockworks - James McGregor (vocals/guitar ), Seán Connelly (guitar ), Damian Greaney (drums ), and Tom Freeman (bass ) - have never shied away from difficult subjects, with previous singles 'Mazda', dealing with depression and mental health, and 'Girls Like You' tackling double standards when it comes to expectations of male of female sexuality.

'Rumours In The Stockroom' also sees the band expand on their sound. The track is underpinned by a jumpy, tense, post-punk bass riff, and a solid 4/4 rhythm which knows just the right moment for embellishment, and just when to hold back. Also noticeable is McGregor and Connelly's guitar work, which expands from the tight, metronomic, riffs of previous singles to encompass more variety and dynamics, creating a strong sense of atmosphere, reflecting the subject matter.

The Clockworks release 'Rumours In The Stockroom' on Friday February 16. See They play upstairs in the Róisín Dubh on Friday March 16 at 8pm. Admission is €5.



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