Great news, Dela has just launched their Supper club... #DinnerwithNotions.

The Dela Pre Supper Club is inviting diners to join them from Tuesday to Saturday to enjoy their organic, local menu after 6pm in their casual eatery in Galways westend. The westend eatery has launched their pre-supper club #dinnerwithnotions from Tuesday to Thursday until 7pm and on Friday and Saturday evening until 6:30pm.

The notion? Eating organic food, no matter always has one story, yes it tastes great but at what cost to the consumer? What If, eating organic, home grown food was actually priced more than competitively. Here enter Dela Restaurant on Dominick Street, the restaurant made famous by their award winning 7 days a week brunch is launching their evening pre supper club. The dinner with notions at Dela marries two of the restaurants great passions, organic produce from their own farm and locally sourced meat and fish.

Organic produce is more expensive, this fact is unchanged however by taking out the middle man quite literally and growing their own in their 3,000 square foot polytunnel at the Dela Farm in Moycullen, Dela Restaurant has been able to create a menu that is casual, more than affordable and the most important part delicious.

The Dela Farm has been supplying the restaurant with in season produce since early 2017. Upon building their 3,000 sq ft Polytunnel, Co-Owners Mags and Joe Bohan had already devised how they wanted eating at Dela to be. Dela means to share, Now Dela has been sharing their seed to feed ethos and menus for over 15 months and things have never been as good in the west.

The west of Ireland is evolving rapidly and drawing on experience and ideals, Dela finds itself nestled in a new world of conscientious cookery.

The addition of the Commercial Polytunnel under the guidance Dermot Carey (who creates and develops vegetable kitchen gardens ) has had a very positive effect in the restaurant from the kitchen through to the customer experience. The Dela Farm in Moycullen is 10km away from the Dela kitchen and from the customers plate. Whilst its primary role is to supply the Restaurant, there is a very strong social and sustainability string to its bow!

“We want to take the mystery out of growing your own - we are only one generation away from when our parents grew their produce. If we don’t grow it stops with them. We are working on a program to bring some of the local school along with our project.

“Certain crops like organic leaves, and artichokes have a limited availability with local suppliers - when growing our own we can stretch the window of availability and ensure supply of harder to get veg & leaves. Lat year we were harvesting our own organic tomatoes right up until Chirstmas. Some of the veg to be planted will include Kale, leaves, kohl rabi, heritage carrots, scallions, tomatoes, various beets, artichokes, celeriac, squash and plenty more - and all will be organic, “said Joe Bohan.

The evening menu will change according to availability week to week. There has been an abundance of Jerusalem artichokes in the Dela Farm Polytunnel, Head Chef Sylvain has put this to good use by it becoming a headline act. The Dela Farm Jerusalem Artichoke acts as a great companion within the feta tartlet. This paired with a mint, cucumber, lime Prosecco or a White Gypsy Banker kicks off the supper club in the west.

The pre-supper mid-week club is making pork sexy again with John Herterich’s trio of slow cooked pork belly, pork fillet with homemade sausage Savoy cabbage and parmentier potatoes or if you are more interested in the sea, Gannet Fishmongers grilled seatrout, cauliflower puree, Kelly’s black pudding crisps all served with a Walnut and Dela farm kale butter is a way to enjoy beautiful fresh fish in Galway.

If you are more savoury than sweet, the dessert menu at Dela might change all that. Sylvian is also a highly skilled Pastry Chef so his desserts are his vitrine (showcase ). Indulge in the Créme brulee served with homemade vanilla biscuits or the always firm favourite as chocolate speaks to everyone at one time or another, bring in a Chocolate trio and its mass hysteria! -The combination of dark chocolate lave, white chocolate & hazelnut cookies with double chocolate ice cream, well I think even from reading you can imagine the reaction.

However, the Dela firm favourite was his warm toffee, apple and pecan tart, caramel analgise with rum raisin ice cream.

Ordering all three might be best, for research purposes of course.

Dela Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Thursday for Brunch from 11:30am to 3pm, Friday 10am to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm and for Dinner from 6pm Tuesday to Saturday. For more information follow Dela on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, phone (091 ) 449 252 or log onto



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