Biodynamic craniosacral therapy — healing touch

We can know our bodies with a much greater awareness than is commonly experienced. In that awareness, tremendous detail of the anatomy and physiology comes to us as we learn to discriminate among the different structures and processes going on within. This leads to an exquisite sensitivity that revolutionizes the body chemistry, the tension in tissues, the flow of blood and the activity in the nervous system.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy can make this possible. A practitioner touches the client’s body with a highly developed sense of his/her own system and a honed ability to perceive. A safe space is created to support the huge possibilities for recovery and regeneration.

The body can change and adjust from within itself, through its own body intelligence. All it needs is the right environment, supplied by the practitioner’s touch and presence. It is a knowing presence that appreciates the wisdom of body and can listen to the shape of things.

When health is sought, traumatic patterns, pain, and suffering can all be smoothly synthesized into a new order as the body dissolves into a deep, fluid state. This is a medium for the nervous system to regulate, muscles to relax, and organs to transpose to a new chemistry. In the shifts and adjustments, there is greater freedom at all levels of the body, mind, and spirit.

Body Intelligence has been training therapists in biodynamic craniosacral therapy for over a decade. The company now trains in more than 20 cities worldwide. Join Body Intelligence Galway to learn life changing skills. The next two year training starts in Galway on March 21. Try an intro day on March 10. For further details visit or email [email protected].



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